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CUP All Saints' Day Essay Contest

CUP is proud to sponsor its ninth annual All Saints' Day Essay contest for students in sixth through ninth grades. The theme of this year's essay contest is "Discuss a Saint who inspires you and how might they be serving today."

There will be one overall contest winner and one winner in each grade level. The prize for the overall winner is a $50 gift card and a pizza party for his/her classroom. The winner in each grade level will receive a $25 gift card. The deadline is October 17, 2014. Check the following for complete details:

About Us

CUP is a coalition of seven non-profit agencies with a history of direct services to the poor.

Member Agencies

Bethany House Services
Housing, Education and Assistance for Homeless Women and Children

Mary Magdalen House
Showers, Toilets, Clean Clothes and Telephones

Mercy Health - St. John
Self-sufficiency Programs and Emergency Assistance

Our Daily Bread
Meals, Hospitality, Kids Café and Social Worker

Over-the-Rhine Kitchen / Walnut Hills Kitchen / Walnut Hills Pantry
Groceries and Hot Meals

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Rent, Food, Clothing, Home Visits and Job Readiness Program

Tender Mercies
Housing and Supporting Services to Homeless Mentally Ill

BBB Reliability Report

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